This is Why the Size Acceptance Movement is Necessary

When I read this article, my heartbroke for this woman and her family. Teresa Smith was a 48 year old woman with a husband and a thirteen year old son, she also happened to weigh 750 lbs. When she passed away in May, she was dragged from her apartment on her matress by a tow truck, and covered with a dirty rug. She was then tossed like an animal onto the back of a flat bed truck. All of this occured in spite of the fact that the fire department had equipment capable of transorting patients up to 1000 lbs. 

Because of her size, this woman was treated as sub human, and even in passing our culture tried to rob her of her dignity. As I continue on this path of Size Acceptance, along with all of you, I hope that we can remember Teresa Smith and know that we have a lot to fight for.


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