Home At Last?

So, I am back in my hometown for a few days getting my car fixed and visiting family. After being away fro so long, I couldn’t wait to get home, see old friends, chat with my mother, just relax a little bit. The problem? My family still does not get this whole “I’m happy being fat thing”. Now you would think that me telling them to drop it would be enough, but no, it comes up at every meal. “You were so pretty when you were thinner.” “You are gonna die at that weight” and my step father is the worst! “You know being fat is a product of laziness” “What do you do eat a whole tub of ice cream” These are the things I face when I go home. I know that they are trying to guilt me, or scare me into losing weight, and a few years ago they may have succeeded. Now, I know the facts, I know that I am a healthy happy vegetarian, who loves yoga, and long walks, and is yes indeed fat.

So, I have made it my goal to fill them in on some of the facts! Whether they want to hear the facts or not at this point is irrelevant, I am on a mission lol! My mission of the day? Print off some news articles and medical journals to help educate my family about the real issue of size, since my wod doesn’t seem to be cutting it. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Home At Last?

  1. i watched you on mtv’s true life and i finally get what you’re trying to do. it’s not about whether you are fat or thin, it’s just loving your body and enjoying life. i hope society finally realizes that loving who you are mentally should come first. being active and eating right are important as well, but not all can be the ideal, worldly slender image that is considered the only kind of beautiful.

  2. ROXIE. I saw on the MTV wall that you recently posted a link to your blog. I seriously was obsessed with your episode on MTV. Its amazing what you were doing. I totally identify with the feelings of depression and getting bullied in school, I am now openly gay but growing up I was a feminine, self hating closet case.

    Its interesting the struggles we go through and how they shape us. Just wanted to say you are doing awesome things. Don’t give up. Also, I have a sketch comedy website and me and my writing partner were thinking about doing a sketch that involved you episode. I’ll keep you posted in case you wanna check it out! Later!


    • I’m so glad you liked my episode! I would love to hear if anything ever happened about that sketch. If your group is still together send me your website and I can signal boost you!

  3. Hello Roxie. My name is Mariah DeLucas and assisting me is Marcuss Baker. We’re planning to start a high school club based off of your “Body Beautiful Project” idea within our high school. I wanted to start this program at my school because I want people to have more confidence in themselves and not feel so judged about how they look. I want to embrace people’s inner beauty and show them that what’s on the outside is far less important than what’s on the inside. Hopefully this can inspire many teens within our community. We were hoping that you could assist us in getting more members, writing a mission statement and developing programming for when our group actually meets. We were given permission by our high school principal to proceed with the group which is a great sign and I believe that group can make a significant impact on the students at our school. Your help means so much to us and I look forward to hearing from you. The best way to get in touch with me is via email and my email address is XxCrazy_CanadianxX@hotmail.com or you can contact Marcuss at Americanboy185@aol.com.

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