Fat Sex

First let me start off with an update of where I am. I accepted a position with a college in ohio and so I just recently got settled and moved in and should have regular internet access sometime next week. Thank you all for comments and support even though I have not been able to regularly update the way that I would like and I would really like all of that to change soon. I am hoping to have more time for updating when I hold my regular office hours. Now to todays article


First let me point out how inaccurate self reporting experiments are. Many people, especially when it comes to sex, do not feel comfortable being one hundred percent accurate. On to the issues at hand.

I am not surprised that many fat people are engaging in unprotected sex, particularly fat women.  I think that this all relates back to the social stigma associated with weight in modern culture. I have actually seen a lot of this activity with young women that I know personally. When you are constantly told that you are undesirable you are more likely act impulsively when someone does desire you. The heartbreaking statistic  beyond unwanted pregnancy and std’s is the staggering number of women who do not see their own value and worth.

Another critical item noted in this study is that many fat women less likely to report sexual activity to their doctors and to get the proper exams.  I have never denied that there is a  medical bias towards fat peoples, but this particular prejudice has been well documented. Due to constant comments from doctors regarding weight, many people feel very uncomfortable undressing in front of their physician for fear of unwanted weight related comments. It has been speculated by many leading researchers that THIS is the reason that their is a higher rate of many female only cancers in obese women, not that the fat actually causes the cancer. This is why I urge every woman reading this, please get your regular pap tests and breast cancer screenings! We have lost too many wonderful mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and friends to this horrible disease because of shame inflicted on women of size. Don’t become another number, be bold and school your doctor on bedside manner.


5 thoughts on “Fat Sex

  1. I don’t want to come across as rude here, but I must say I think your agenda is ill conceived and even dangerous. Obesity is the single most avoidable risk factor for various life threatening/shortening conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Sure, people who are fat shouldn’t be treated cruelly, but to encourage complacency about being overweight is like discouraging criticism of other dangerous lifestyles like smoking, binge drinking, or drug abuse. If you want to risk your own life it’s your choice but to promote the notion that it’s OK to be fat is dangerous. Being fat isn’t like being a minority, it’s a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle. You’re not Rosa Parkd, you’re endangering people’s health.

  2. Typo corrrction: that’s Rosa Parks, not ‘Parkd’.

    Again, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but as someone who at 27 was 270 and had high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic and reversed those dangerous conditions by losing weight (am now a healthy 170), I must say if I were to have been encouraged to stay fat by ‘size acceptance’ notions I might be diabetic or have had a heart attack by now. I urge you to reconsider the wisdom of your chosen crusade.

    • Hi ML,

      I know it’s been a long time since you wrote this comment and as I revive this blog, I still want to try to answer comments. I will be writing a blog post about this idea very soon so I will keep this brief. There is actually no link between fat and health problems. The link is in the sedentary lifestyle that leads some people to be fat and health problems. You can be fat and healthy, it’s about how you live your life. Hope this helps, at least for now.

      Also, I would like to add that we as people have no right to dictate other people’s health. If someone should choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle because they want to, they understand the risks of that lifestyle, and they are not harming anybody else, than it is really none of our business.

  3. I very much agree with what you said but i think it is very inappropriate to call us “plus-size” women “fat”. Its degrading, and im sure you can understand it hurts…we should be proud of our size when you use the world “fat” to describe us it makes us feel insecure…just thought you would like to know the concerns of your viewers.
    kelsey t

    • Hi Kelsey,

      thank you so much for your comment. I am going to dedicate an entire post to this topic. A lot of people are thrown by the word fat and I want to explain a little bit about why I use it over cover up terms like plus size. So, stay tuned.

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