About Roxie/Contact

In 2008, Roxie Patton appeared on MTV’s True Life I’m Happy to be Fat. The show detailed her experiences developing the Body Beautiful Project and challenging the way that people look at body image and fat. Since then, Roxie has completed her Master of Arts in Higher Education and travels to different universities and colleges presenting, performing, and conducting workshops.

Her comedic and informative workshops include:

The Body Shop: Deconstructing our Bodies
The Body Shop challenges participants to deconstruct media messages, social constructs, and self criticism of their bodies and embrace the bodies that they are gifted with. Attendees are given detailed and innovative information and skills for creating positive body image in Roxie’s signature comic style.All Systems Go
All Systems Go is presentation focusing on safe and satisfying sex. Roxie, shares her 3 prong check list for safe and satisfying sex. The program teaches students to evaluate their mind, body, and hearts in choosing sexual partners for the most satisfying and safe experience possible.

LGBTQ Beyond the Alphabet Soup
LGBTQ Beyond the Alphabet Soup introduces students to LGBTQ issues and walks them through allyship and challenging homophobia and transphobia on campus.

Students of Roxie’s workshops have described her as:


“frank and open about everything”

“informative without being condescending”



“absolutely inspirational”

All programs can be customized for certain groups including LGBTQ groups, Womyn’s groups, Greek organizations, and general student groups.

Email: roxiepatton@ymail.com for booking information.


2 thoughts on “About Roxie/Contact

  1. So I saw your special in MTV’s TrueLife. I greatly support your cause! I, myself have first hand experienced being larger than what our culture calls average. I never have and never will fit into the thin mold society places on “beauty”. I amend you for being bold in this up and coming societal awareness. Now more than ever our society and culture should be realising “our” average size, as the majority of the population does not “fit” into the norm of being “beautiful”. I am so very proud to have seen you accomplish “The Body Beautiful Project” on your campus! This moevment is so very important to bring to light. Everyone should have the respect as the next and feel beautiful being as who there are! Just wanted to give a shout out in full support to everyBODY’s beautiful-ness! Best wishes in continued strides in an equality amonst everyBODY!

  2. Hi.My name’s Kailee and I’m from Lake Arthur,Louisiana. I watched your episode on true life and I loved the ‘body beautiful group you started at your college.I’m wanting to start something similiar to that at my high school.Not just for girls who are over weight, but for any girl who feels insecure in her own skin. I believe that every girl deserves to be called beautiful and should think they are beautiful. So,if you are reading this and have time please email me at kajunduck152@gmail.com. Or if you have a facebook send me a message at Kailee Courts.
    You have no idea how much your help would be appreciated.Thank you(:

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